To access AEA Trainings:

AEA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit technical services and training organization at the forefront of increasing electrification, energy efficiency, and green building practices in multifamily buildings. AEA has been at the center of the California multifamily energy landscape for more than 10 years training the industry in how to address the unique challenges that multifamily buildings present. Since 2015, AEA has held significant roles in multifamily electrification through program implementation, training, and advocacy. Our team offers deep experience in building energy analysis, providing technical expertise, resources, and research to promote electrification, high performing buildings, and end-use fuel switching. 


The AEA Training Team is comprised of highly experienced technical experts who have worked in the field as builders, home performance contractors, building scientists, engineers, HERS Raters and AEE Certified Energy Managers. Our team has worked with owners, contractors, and design teams on hundreds of retrofits and new construction projects to promote zero net energy and equipment fuel switching projects, which is experience and expertise we bring to our trainings. Trainers have been working in the industry with many years of experience and are passionate and knowledgeable about a range of content including field installations, code compliance, and emerging technologies.  With a strong team of trainers, AEA ensures each trainer has the right experience and expertise for that specific training.  In addition, AEA collaborates and coteaches with other industry experts in the industry to provide an interactive and dynamic training environment. 

Over the last decade, AEA has been supporting electrification and heat pump adoption through project technical assistance, research and development, and trainings. To support the TECH Clean California initiative, AEA will provide a range of trainings to advance adoption of heat pump water heating and HVAC systems. The multifamily sector has a diverse set of stakeholders from owners to design teams to contractors. Knowing this, AEA has tailored trainings for each of these different stakeholders to help support their roles in successful projects.

Introductory Course 

Foundational Building Courses: AEA has a suite of foundational courses offered via an online, on-demand platform covering core concepts of building science, ventilation, building envelope, electric space conditioning, electric water heating, and renewables. This suite of courses provides the foundation for high performance all-electric buildings in a self-paced environment. 

Introduction to Electrification: This single introductory course will discuss benefits of electrification and the current policy and code considerations, provide an overview of what should be considered in an all-electric multifamily project (both new and retrofit), and explore technologies for electrification for all end uses, as well as the role of solar PV and electric vehicles. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate real world success.  

Additional introductory courses will be added to address specific topics to help advance adoption of heat pump technologies and increase electrification retrofits in the multifamily sector. 


Intermediate Courses

AEA will offer more advanced courses that will build on the foundational courses to cover more in-depth topics. These courses will cover subjects such as multifamily electrification retrofits, pr deep dives into heat pump HVAC systems, and advanced individual heat pump water heating and central heat pump water heating designs and installations. These longer courses that are delivered through live webinar or live classroom, will be coupled with exercises that are intended to advance technical knowledge of the participants. Please check out our training website for list of upcoming trainings.  

Advanced Courses 

The intent of these trainings, typically conducted in the field, is to provide participants with hands-on experience with specific system types.  Where possible, the manufacturer representative will be present for in field trainings to provide technical information from their perspective, blended with design, cost, feasibility, and operation considerations presented by AEA. Courses will be centered around specific central heat pump water heating systems and whole building heat pump retrofits.  Check out our training website for list of upcoming trainings.