Why does my claim show a flag?  

There are a few types of flags. Common flags and their relevance to you are listed here; however, since our Iris system is being updated, flags are now shown as various symbols. Please see the current flags, and coordinating symbols below. These are the most common flags/symbols on your claims, but you may see additional flags/symbols as well.  


Yellow “Processing Hold” Flags  


The yellow “Processing Hold” flag is automatically assigned to any submitted claim until the Claims team completes their review. You do not need to do anything.  

Our Iris system is seeing changes soon, so the yellow “Processing Hold” flag will change to be a blue “In Process” arrow symbol  :arrow_right:. The meaning is the same as the yellow” Processing Hold” flag. 

Red “Program on Hold” Flag  


The red “Program is on hold” flag is automatically assigned to claims submitted after a certain date, even if you successfully reserved the incentive by the May 13 deadline. If you met the deadline, you don’t need to worry about this flag. If you did not, it means the claim will be waitlisted and paid if/when additional incentive funds are secured by the program. We are working on sending out a list of claims we see as “reserved” and hope to send this list out to all participants in the next couple of weeks. 

Our Iris system is currently seeing some changes, so instead of this red “Program on Hold” flag, you will soon see the red “Blocking X” symbol :x:. The meaning is the same as the red “Program on Hold” flag. 


Red “Pending User Input” Flag  


The red “Pending user input flag” is the one you need to pay attention to, as it means action is needed on your part—the note on the right indicates what you need to do. Once the correction is made, re-submit the claim (you will not lose your place in line). After re-submitting, or if you are unclear about what is being asked, reach out to your account manager at TECH.contractor@energy-solution.com. Always include the claim number when contacting your account manager. 

Our Iris system is currently seeing some changes, so instead of this red “Program on Hold” flag, you will soon see the red “Blocking X” symbol :x:. The meaning is the same as the red “Program on Hold” flag. 

Additionally, processors will move towards using the yellow :warning: "Awaiting Participant Follow-Up" symbol instead of the "Pending User Input Flag". Older claims will not have their "Pending User Input" flags automatically changed, so you will need to sort for both "pending_user_input" and "participant_action_needed" options under "Flag Type" in your claims list to see claims that have corrections requested.


When can I expect to get paid?  

With the surge in claims due to the May deadline, review times are averaging 6-8 weeks from the date you initially submitted the claim. If, after 6 weeks, you see no activity, please alert your account manager at TECH.contractor@energy-solution.com so they can try to expedite the process. Include the claim number(s) when you reach out. 

What do I need to do to? 

To help us close you claim(s) as quickly as possible, please stay alert for red “pending user input” flags and correct them as soon as you are able (see section above). If you haven’t already, we recommend going through all your claims to see if there are such flags. 


To see your needed corrections and fix them, Log in to Iris at www.catechincentives.com/. Go to claims list view then filter by selecting the "pending_user_input" and "participant_action_needed" options under "Flag Type". To view instructions on correction(s) needed, please scroll to the Notes section at the bottom of the claim. Make the required correction(s) by clicking "Edit Claim." Please be sure to click "Save and Resubmit" at the very bottom after all corrections have been completed/re-uploaded and respond to this email letting us know that corrections have been made. Thank you for taking the time to make these corrections. 

You can help us close your claim even more quickly by proactively addressing common errors (listed below), thereby avoiding this flag process.   

Also reach out to your account manager if you see a flag not described here, or if it has been more than 6 weeks since the date you first submitted a claim.  

How do I prevent flags? 

Some of the more common claim errors are listed here. This does not guarantee that you avoid a flag, but if they apply to your claim, it is best to address it before the Claims team reviews your claim.  

  • Invoice Total field within Iris includes the project costs PRIOR to the TECH incentive being applied 
  • TECH Incentive listed as a line item on the invoice  
  • A valid CF-3R report  
  • Legible Post-install nameplate photo to verify the Manufacturer, Model, and Serial numbers  
  • All required attachments and proper formatting as indicated in this short App Processing Checklist. 

We truly appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work to ensure that the very high number of submitted claims meet state requirements.