Central Coast Community Energy is offering substantial incentives to their customers looking to convert from gas fired appliances to heat pumps. The available incentives, and key qualification details are shown here. 

All TECH enrolled contractors are automatically eligible and claims are submitted through the TECH application, which can be found at www.catechincentives.com. Please reach out to TECH.contractor@energy-solution.com if you need any support.

Qualification Details




TECH Enrolled 


Must confirm to be a Central Coast Customer 

Low-Income Customers 

Enrolled on a CARE/FERA Rate 

Appliance Minimum Qualification 

HVAC: Title 24 Code  

HPWH: NEEA Tier 3 

Installation Characteristic  

Gas/Propane to HP appliance conversions only 

No electric resistance to HP conversion 

No need to have existing AC 

Single Family Heat Pump Incentives

Equipment Type  

Size Category  


Seasonal/Part-Load Cooling Efficiency  


CCCE Incentive per Unit  

Unitary Split System and mini/multi-split  



< 5.4 tons  



Baseline HP Replacement  




16.0 SEER  





18.0 SEER  





Unitary HPWH


Previous WH Fuel Type 

HPWH Capacity 

CCCE Incentive per Unit 

Natural Gas/Propane 


< 55 Gallons 



> 55 Gallons 



Electrical Upgrades

Measure Category 


CCCE Incentive per Unit 

Panel upgrade 

Up to 200 amps 



Smart Load Center*  



Low-Income Adder 


Measure Category 


CCCE Incentive per Unit 

LI Adder 

CARE/FERA enrollment 



Frequently Asked Questions

Which contractors can participate? All TECH enrolled contractors are automatically eligible.
Which customers qualify?
All Central Coast Community Energy customers can qualify. Customers on CARE/FERA rates are eligible for increased incentives.
What installations are eligible?
All installations where a heat pump is installed to replace an existing natural gas or propane appliance. Conversions from electric resistance appliances are not eligible for CCCE incentives.
How do I participate?
The same way you participated in TECH! The application and reservation forms are exactly the same!
What do I do with the incentive?
Like in TECH, the incentive must be passed on in full to the customer and must be listed on the customer invoice. The incentive can be included as an instant rebate or provided after you receive your check.

Change Log:
6,21.22 Adjusted HSPF down to 9.0 and 9.7 respectively.