This policy and process is effective immediately, for existing and newly received reservations. 


  1. A waitlist will be created whenever an IOU budget is fully reserved and/or when a Contractor or Owner exceeds their $3M cap. Reservation Forms will be added to a waitlist in the order received. Reservation Forms will be moved from the waitlist subject to the availability of IOU budgets and/or ability to fit within the Contractor or Owner cap in the order in which they were received.  Existing reservations and paid incentives are not allowed to exceed $3.0M cumulative, however contractors would be allowed to amend-down existing reservations or submit for new reservations with reduced incentives to stay under $3.0M cap.  

  1. AEA will contact all reservations every 3 months inquiring about project status.  For projects which have a construction status suggesting that they could have reservation amount amended down or can have reservations cancelled, AEA will ask the applicants to do so in order to make room for other projects on the waitlist. For these project types, if applicants deny the request to revise or remove reservations, Energy Solutions and AEA will evaluate options on a case-by-case basis. 

  1. Projects that are Reserved may not be substituted with newly submitted Unreserved projects or those from the Waitlist. Projects that are removed from the Reservation status must go back to the end of the Waitlist. The next project eligible from the Waitlist will then be considered for Reservation. 

  1. The contractor that is listed on the Reservation Form cannot be replaced with another contractor, unless the owner can provide documentation that the existing contractor has been removed entirely from the project for justified circumstances.  

  1. Reservations can always have their reserved amount amended down, but any amendments increasing reservation amount are subject to the availability of funds and compliance with contractor and owner caps. Waitlisted projects can have proposed reservation amounts amended up or down prior to reservation approval, and will not be evaluated until there is room within the IOU budget and/or contractor/owner cap.