Site Information 

  • Customer contact information (name, phone, email, address) 
  • Site address 

Sales Information

  • Photo of invoice showing site address, equipment info, total cost, and an incentives line item (must be full incentive amount) applied after taxes 
  • Exhibit B of the TECH Participation Agreement must be attached 

Equipment Information

  • HPWH information (manufacturer, model number, serial number) 
  • HPWH quantity 
  • Previous water heater  (tank size, fuel type) 

Project Information 

  • Facility type 
  • Permit required and number 
  • Location of installed HPWH 
  • Electrical panel capacity 
  • Whether these were installed or required: thermostatic mixing valve, panel upgrade, grid connection, condensate pump 
  • Photo uploads (old WH, new HPWH, electrical panel, invoice) 
  • Optional uploads for enhanced incentives (e.g. photo of upgraded electrical panel)


  • Old water heater
  • Newly installed HPWH showing the nameplate
  • A close-up photo of the installed TMV*
  • A zoomed-out photo of the installed HPWH with the TMV*
  • Electric panel

* Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) must be installed on the HPWH for all TECH and Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) claims created on or after June 20, 2022.