Please see the newest update regarding the TECH Incentive Suspension here.

The information below provides context on the move to a reservation system. However as described in the article linked above, incentives are now suspended in most territories.

May 6 Update on Submission Deadlines: 

This article was formerly titled Program Updates for June 20. Please read on to understand why a May 13 date has been introduced and how to "reserve" HVAC incentives.

Hi Contractors,

We previously announced upcoming changes to the TECH Clean California incentive offering. Based on recent contractor feedback and the experience with SDG&E territory incentive suspension, we are making a few adjustments to our process that will help ensure contractors can count on funding being available for jobs that they have sold and help us to better track our remaining incentive funds available. Due to the rapid program uptake and without these modifications, there could be a risk that contractors sell jobs but funds are no longer available once they submit them into the system. Please note that these changes represent a shift from the previous application submittal deadline of June 20th

  1. Existing incentives levels will be “reserved” for customer contracts signed by May 13, 2022.  In order to “reserve” funds, the signed contract with an installation date needs to be uploaded into Iris (as a jpeg or pdf under the customer invoice photo field) and saved as a submitted or unsubmitted project by May 13. The reservations will be reflected in the TECH Budget table listed at
  2. This May 13th reservation deadline replaces the June 20th submittal date. Projects need to be in the system by May 13th to get the current incentive levels, but do not need to be submitted by June 20thas we realize there are backlogs for HERS and supply chain issues impacting your projects. 
    • Any project created in Iris after May 13th will receive the new reduced incentive amounts and follow those requirements. 
    • The program changes to thermostatic mixing valve incentives and DR statewide bonus incentives do not take effect until June 20th.  
  3. We are posting the total of all applications created in the system, including unsubmitted applications, on our program website at   
    • Once the total of submitted and unsubmitted claims reaches zero we will no longer be accepting applications for that service territory (similar to SDG&E territory a flag will be added to all of these claims). 
  4.  In order to “reserve” HVAC incentives at the $3,000 incentive rates, the following must happen:   
    • All projects must be created in Iris by Friday, May 13, 2022.  
    • Installation dates must be input into the job record by May 13, 2022.  
    • A signed customer contract must be uploaded to the record by May 13, 2022.  

The May 13th deadline is the cutoff date for “reserving” incentives at the existing rate. These reservations are being offered only on existing signed contracts. We want to be able to reassure customers that their jobs sold will receive the original incentive amounts. 

Additional Updates: 

  • Special note for Contractors serving border areas of lower Orange County served by SDG&E: The following zip codes are now formally designated as being in SDG&E territory and incentives are exhausted. No further applications for these zip codes will be accepted after May 13, 2022: 92008. 92014, 92024, 92055, 92121, 92173, 92624, 92629, 92649, 92651, 92653, 92654, 92656, 92672, 92673, 92674, 92675, 92676, 92677, 92679, 92688, 92690, 92691, 92692, 92694, 92697 
  • We are reserving $1.5M (~10%) of SoCal Gas territory funding specifically for water heating. A major TECH goal is to gather heat pump project installation data for both space and water heating throughout the state to help inform future programs. While the PG&E territory has received relatively balanced uptake between space and water heating, the SoCal Gas territory is overwhelmingly HVAC at this time. Reserving a small portion of total SoCal Gas funding will ensure that TECH completes enough water heating projects to build the market and inform future programs. 

Program changes can be tracked live in the Program Changes section of the Contractor Support Center.  

The TECH team continues to explore additional funding opportunities and will provide updates when more information is available. 

Steps to confirm your project meets the deadline:  

  1. Log in to the online system and submit a new claim, 
  2. Choose the "TECH Clean California – Heat Pump Water Heating” or "TECH Clean California – Heat Pump HVAC” program, 
  3. Enter the customer address and customer contact information, 
  4. In the Project Information screen, enter an invoice number, date, and amount (this can be changed later), 
  5. Enter the expected installation date (this can be changed later), 
  6. In the Invoice Upload field, add your signed contract, 
  7. Select “Save to Draft.” 

April 20, 2022 Original Announcement

TECH is succeeding beyond our expectations and we are seeing a much higher volume of applications than anticipated. Our latest budget spend trajectory indicates our funding is running out far ahead of schedule. In the interest of keeping the program running for longer, we will be reducing incentives on June 20, 2022. Without these changes, TECH will run out of funding by end of summer. Remaining budget amounts are posted online at and updated on a daily basis. We are also taking this time to simplify the incentives offered in enhanced regions to make it easier to participate. 


Last week we announced the suspension of incentives in the SDG&E territory, and we are following up today to announce a few other changes to the program. The goal of these changes is to simplify some rules around TECH Clean California that will clear up questions and decrease application processing time, keep TECH incentives available to contractors for a longer period of time, and prepare the market for future programs in the heat pump space. All changes will go into effect on June 20, 2022, unless otherwise noted.  


Changes to Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) Incentives 

The CPUC released their SGIP HPWH Initiative Final Decision and the general rules for that upcoming program. In order to prime the market for this program, TECH will take several steps to help prepare contractors to participate in this program.  


  • TECH will be offering flat incentives of $3,100 across the board for HPWHs, except PG&E territory where the flat incentive will be $2,100. PG&E areas served by SMUD, Comfortable Home Rebates and BayREN will be able to layer TECH's $2,100 incentive with the local program incentives. Final total is dependent on local program amounts.  
    • Panel upgrade incentives will no longer be available through TECH.  We are working with local program partners to provide this incentive. 
    • This does not include SDG&E territory, where incentives have been sunset.  
  • TECH will require a thermostatic mixing valve to be installed on all HPWHs. TECH will no longer be supporting the $200 thermostatic mixing valve incentive in the Bay Area. 
  • TECH will offer an additional $50 bonus to contractors when the customer also enrolls in an accompanying demand response (DR) program. 
    • TECH will be rolling out training on these DR Programs to all contractors prior to June 20th.  

Changes to HP HVAC Incentives 

 TECH will introduce the following changes to extend the initiative's incentive offering, simplify the application process, and promote quality installation. 


  • TECH incentives will be reduced to $1,000 (from $3,000) for a Title 24 compliant (to-code) system.  
  • Quality Installation incentives will now be available statewide (excluding SDG&E territory).  
    • Raise your incentive offer by $1,000 to a total of $2,000 through Manual J, duct sealing/replacement, and system performance testing. 
    • Proper Documentation must be provided to receive incentives for these measures. 
    • Quality installation incentives will not be required to be passed through to customers.  
  • TECH will offer the $1,000 incentive per HP HVAC installation across all eligible zip codes (excluding SDG&E territory where incentives have been suspended). 
    • This means that participants in areas with enhanced incentives like SMUD, Comfortable Home Rebates, or BayREN will now see a consistent baseline and local programs layer on top of TECH baseline.  
    • There will no longer be additional TECH incentives available for higher SEER equipment, these higher SEER requirements will be incentivized through partner programs. 
  • Pictures of electric panels will no longer be required to help streamline application processing. 
  • Applications must be fully submitted, with HERS documentation by June 20th to retain the previous incentive amount.  

New and Existing TECH Partner Programs 

 With the reduction for TECH incentives we are also working closely with different Program Administrators to maximize total funding available for heat pump technologies. As noted above, TECH's incentives will be flat and partner programs will be able to layer incentives on top of these lower TECH incentives. As a reminder, TECH incentives can be layered with all other programs as long as they are in a TECH-eligible zip code. Other contractor programs include: 



For a complete list and more information, visit 


We are looking for partners that want to continue the momentum of these existing offerings by layering additional incentives with TECH Clean California. TECH has over 1,000 contractors enrolled or soon to the be enrolled in the program and we have seen enthusiastic uptake of heat pump water heater incentives.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this affect other incentives beyond TECH?No, this does not impact incentives beyond TECH
Can other programs still be combined with TECH incentives?Yes! TECH incentives can still be layered with other programs
Where can I go to find a list of all heat pump incentives?

A complete list of heat pump incentive programs can be found at
Does this change the process of how I apply for TECH and other incentives?No, the submission process is unchanged. As a reminder, review the details on the application submission process for HVAC and HPWH.
Are eligibility requirements changing?

Eligibility requirements for HP HVAC is unchanged. HPWH installations must include a TMV starting June 20 to qualify for TECH incentives

 Will funding come back and when? What are you doing to find more funding?

The TECH Team is currently engaged in efforts to secure additional funding through the State of California. When and whether these funds will become available is not known at this time. TECH will send updates as the information becomes available.

How much money is left?The incentive budget table included at will be updated daily
How does the bulk upload process factor in?Don't wait for the bulk upload process - please submit applications directly in Iris in order to comply with the May 13 deadline.
Where can I upload a signed contract?Please upload the signed contract in the customer invoice photo field as a jpeg or pdf file.
What happens if I have a job created in Iris by May 13 but don't have a completed HERs report.  There is no deadline on the HERs report completion.
What happens to any jobs created in Iris by May 13, but not processed or paid until after?TECH incentives are based on application created date, so funding will be allocated, pending budget availability, regardless of when the job is processed and paid.
What happens if funding in a territory runs out before May 13?Once incentive budget is depleted based on submitted and unsubmitted claims, we will no longer be accepting applications for that service territory. A flag will be added to all of these claims as was done in the SDG&E territory. Funding will be allocated on a first come first serve basis based on the created date plus (with the requirements of an installation date entered and signed customer contract uploaded).

What is budget availability after May 13th?

Incentives will be available on a first come first serve basis based on created date (with the requirements of an installation date entered and signed customer contract uploaded). This "reservation" system is meant to allow everyone to review the budget table, updated daily, to see available incentive amounts broken down by IOU territory. Once funds for a territory are used up the program will have to be suspended in that region.

Does this impact multifamily projects?Not at this time, only single family projects are impacted.