TECH's Single Family HVAC incentives are still available for Southwest Gas territory. Due to the higher-than-anticipated response, incentives are temporarily suspended in all other territories.  

TECH Clean California is able to provide incentives for a wide range of scenarios where a customer is converting to a heat pump to provide a primary or sole source of heat. The following information details the key rules associated with all heat pump HVAC installations:

  • Incentives are based on the number of outdoor/condensing units and are limited to incentives for up to two outdoor units per dwelling unit
    • On the application please only provide the quantity and serial numbers for outdoor units, not indoor units. A single outdoor/indoor pairing is considered a quantity of “1.”
    • Installations at duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes are eligible for the single family pathway, meaning eligible for two outdoor units/dwelling units meaning the max for the property would be four for a duplex, six for a triplex and eight for a quadplex.
  • The installed heat pump HVAC system must meet the required SEER and HSPF levels to qualify for baseline incentives and additional partner program SEER and HSPF standards set by the partner programs in Enhanced Regions.
  • The heat pump appliance must be replacing an existing non-heat pump heating source.
  • Customers do not need to have existing air conditioning to qualify. Only a pre-existing heating source is required to be eligible.
  • The following options for “what was done with the customer’s furnace” are eligible:
    • The furnace was decommissioned fully and gas line capped.
    • The heat pump was configured to use existing furnace blower, while using only heat generated by the heat pump.
    • Furnace was setup to backup provide heat with the heat pump being the PRIMARY heat source, see the Duel Fuel guidelines.  
  • All applications require completed HERS CF-3Rs.

Heat Pump HVAC Incentives 

Equipment TypeEfficiency RatingTECH Incentive
Unitary Package/Split System and Mini/Multi-splitTitle 24 Code Minimum$1,000

Heat Pump HVAC Incentives — Quality Installation

Additional incentives available through TECH partner programs can be stacked on top of TECH rebates for a higher total potential incentive.

Quality Installation Measure
Total Incentive (TECH + Local Program Combined)
Manual J completed
Provide calculations
Duct sealing/replacement and testing
5% Total leakage or less
Field Measured Performance (based on ASHRAE 221-2020)
Heating System Performance Ratio (HSPr) or Cooling System Performance Ratio (CSPr) = 80% or better