TECH's Single Family HPWH incentives are still available for SoCal Gas territory. Due to the higher-than-anticipated response, incentives are temporarily suspended in all other territories.  

Please note that separate BayREN and CCCE incentives were not effected by the TECH incentive suspension. 

BayREN Home+ Heat Pump Water Heater Incentives

Central Coast Community Energy Heat Pump Water Heater Incentives

Heat pump water heater incentives are available for customers replacing a non-heat pump water heater with a qualifying Heat Pump Water Heater. Qualifying heat pump water heaters are detailed in the equipment eligibility section.

Incentives for SoCalGas and Southwest Gas Territories

All HPWHs qualified as JA13 compliant and/or NEEA Tier 3 compliant will be eligible for TECH Clean California Incentives. All HPWH installations must include a thermostatic mixing valve.*

Replacement ScenarioMeasure CriteriaTECH
Gas/propane/other to HPWHAll HPWH sizes

$3,100 for SCG and SWG

Electric resistance to HPWHAll HPWH sizes$1,000 for SCG and SWG

* Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) must be installed on the HPWH for all TECH and Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) claims created on or after June 20, 2022.