The TECH Clean California incentive is to be passed down 100% from contractor to the consumer. It can either be passed along as either an instant discount deducted from the total project cost at time of customer payment or provided to the customer in the form of a check or other payment method after the contractor receives the incentive. 

In either case, the incentive must be listed as a line item on the invoice and be paid to the customer– the application processing team always checks for this. We recommend the instant pass-through option from the customer experience standpoint.

The sum of all incentives cannot be greater than total project cost. In cases where the incentive is greater than the total project cost, the incentive will be lowered by the TECH processing team to meet the project cost.

Note: all customers who receive a product incentivized by TECH Clean California must receive a copy of the TECH Customer Terms & Conditions, which is Exhibit B of the TECH Clean California Trade Ally Participation Agreement. We ask that contractors include the Exhibit as an attachment on customer proposals and include that on the incentive application.

Incentive Availability

•    PG&E territory is out of funds for both HP HVAC and HPWH.

•    San Diego Gas & Electric territory is out of funds for both HP HVAC and HPWH.

•    SoCal Gas territory is out of funds for HP HVAC, but funds remain for HPWH.

•    Southwest Gas territory is out of funds for both HVAC and HPWH. 

In addition, due to the depletion of funds, we must end the contractor bonus incentives. These incentives were developed to reward those who supported the rapid growth of the program. We would like to thank everyone for your strong participation.

Single-Family Incentive Structure

Incentives available include the following:

  • $1,000 for any HP HVAC installation, limit (2) outdoor units per residence
  • $1,000 to $3,100 for any HPWH installation, depending on gas or electric replacement and the utility territory. Limit (2) units per residence
  • $6,600 per residence cap

TECH Program Partnerships

The below programs offer incentives directly through the TECH Application Clearinghouse on the Iris Platform. This means that contractors do not need to apply for rebates in a separate location, streamlining their experience.

Programs include:

  • BayREN Heat Pump Water Heater Contractor Incentive Program
    • Program Description: The BayREN HPWH contractor incentive program pays $1,000 directly to qualifying contractors for the installation of HPWHs to select Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) customers. Enrolled CCAs include East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), MCE, Silicon Valley Power (SVP), and CleanPowerSF (CPSF). Incentives are only available for customers switching from a gas water heater to a HPWH. More information and the contractor enrollment form can be found at

  • Central Coast Community Energy Electrify Your Home
    • Program Description: CCCE’s Electrify Your Home program offers rebates for customers switching from a gas appliance to a heat pump appliance to serve their space or water heating needs.

  • Demand Response Programs
    • Program Descriptions: TECH Clean California contractors can earn $50 in extra incentives and increaset he value that their customers get from theri HPWH by helping customers enroll in one of the below programs. These programs will help customers save on electricity bills, and many of them pay customers to sign up. Please note, contractors are currently only eligible for one of these incentives per TECH claim. Learn more about enrollment on the Knowledge Base page "Demand Response Opportunities."
      1. OhmConnect
      2. Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) WatterSaver
      3. Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) PowerMinder