Once the application processing team has completed their review and marked the application “approved” in Iris, the TECH initiative will disburse the incentive payment via paper check. 

At this time, we do not have an option for direct deposit. Once a claim has been approved, however, changes to the application that may impact the incentive amount will not be allowed. Payments will be made to the payee or contractor firm as indicated on the TPPA.

In the highly unlikely event that an error with an application is discovered by the contractor or the initiative administrator after the application approval, the application will be rejected, and a debit will be generated for the subsequent Incentive Payment Report (IPR). The application must then be resubmitted and the difference will be paid out, or removed from, the next IPR.

Payments are made to enrolled contractors only, no payments will be issued directly to customers or other third parties such as subcontractors. 

Taxing of Incentives

The TECH initiative may report contractor incentives as income to payee on IRS Form 1099 depending on their tax status indicated. Though participating contractor must consult a tax advisor for confirmation, incentives may not be considered income if applied after sales tax on qualifying installations. Payee is encouraged to consult its tax adviser concerning the taxability of incentives. 

Neither the CPUC nor the TECH initiative are responsible for any taxes, interest, and/or penalties that may be imposed on payee as a result of receipt of incentives from this program or any other program related cost.

Tracking Payments 

Select the Payments tab to view a summary of all incentive checks issued to your company. 

Click the check number under the Check No. (Payment ID) column to view the incentive claim information related to that check.

You will see a summary of all the incentive amounts from the claim(s) on the given time period. Typically, this Payment Information section is updated every week. The date listed under the Payment Date column reflects the check processing date after a claim is approved. PDF copies of paper checks are also emailed to incentive recipients on the week they are expected to receive the payment.