Projects that are 4 dwelling units or less are considered a single-family project. 

For projects in "Enhanced" regions where TECH is layering with a local incentive program, there will be an Excel file to upload instead of creating a new submission. 

Step 1 - log in to the Iris application.  Sign in with your username and password, which are provided to you after completing enrollment in TECH Clean California. If you do not have a username or need to reset your password, contact

Step 2 - Once logged in, click Submit New Claim.  

Step 3 -  On the Claim Form, select “TECH Clean California - Heat Pump HVAC”  and enter in the customer address.  

Click Continue. 

Step 4 - Complete the Customer Information panel of the Claim Form. 

Step 5 - Complete the Project Information panel of the Claim Form. Provide the required fields as indicated by an asterisk. (Ex: installation cost, invoice date, and invoice number. If there is no invoice number, enter any kind of identifying number or text, like customer name or address.) 

Questions with a grey button underneath require a Yes or No answer.

Click the button to turn it green with a checkmark for “Yes.” 

Clicking the button again will turn it back to gray for “No.”

Step 6 - Complete the Site Information panel of Claim Form. 
If the previous AC unit model number is illegible or unavailable, please upload a photo of the old system of the old AC unit. 

Step 7 - Add a Material to your Claim Form.

Step 8 - Select your material to add. 

Step 9 - Add Photos to your Claim Form. 
If you are installing a ductless mini split that doesn't require a CF-3R, upload the CF-1R and the closed permit.

Step 10 - Add information about Additional Incentives to the Claim Form. 

Step 11 - Add any Notes to the Claim Form and Submit.