All eligible equipment will be stored on the qualified products list (QPL) within the incentive processing software system (Iris), which will appear to contractors as a series of drop-down menus that limit selections by equipment type, make, model and water heater tank size.

Used equipment is not eligible for incentives.

Any units listed on QPLs at that website are eligible for TECH incentives and will be included on the aforementioned drop-down menus. Contractors should reach out to if there is a unit on the website QPL that is not included in Iris.

The following equipment types are eligible to receive HP HVAC incentives through the single-family pathway:

  1. Unitary Split-System
  2. Unitary Package System
  3. Mini-split
  4. Multi-split

Equipment must meet the following Title 24 minimum efficiencies to qualify as reported from testing at Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) 210/240 conditions:

Equipment TypeSEERHSPF
Unitary Package System14.08.0
Unitary Split14.08.2
Mini/Multi Split*14.08.2

Please note that the initiative can only guarantee incentives for HP HVAC pairs listed in the AHRI database. Unmatched pairs may be able to be approved on a case-by-case basis but will require documentation showing the efficiency from rating at AHRI conditions.

Qualified Product List (QPL) linked on this website under the Qualifying Products List dropdown.