TECH incentives are still available for HPWHs in Southern California Gas territory. Due to the higher-than-anticipated response, incentives are temporarily suspended in all other territories. Please reference our May 12th Update on Incentives Suspension for more details about these program updates. 


To search for incentives available in your area, please reference the Rebate Finder tool on the Switch is On website. 


Power plants, natural gas utilities, and other large industrial facilities must pay when they put greenhouse gas emissions into the air. Some of that money is used by California to fight climate change, and some goes to customers. Community choice aggregator (CCA), direct access, and bundled customers are all treated equally when distributing credits from Cap-and-Trade Program funds.   

TECH Clean California is funded via revenues from California's cap and trade program. The funding sources are Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E), Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas), and Southwest Gas (SWG).  


Because TECH is funded by the above four entitles, program funds can only be spent in regions where one of these natural gas suppliers operates. Total incentive dollars are also restricted by the contribution amount of the entity to the overall budget.  


Projects within the cities of Long Beach, Catalina Island, and Palo Alto are not eligible for incentives even if the project’s zip code is included on the list of eligible zip codes. This is because these cities are not part of any gas IOU territory. 


Customers are eligible for incentives if they reside within the service territory of a funding gas supplier with remaining incentive funding. The customer does not have to have natural gas service to the residence, they need only reside in the service territory.