The following information is reviewed as part of the QA/QC process:


  1. The invoice is reviewed to ensure that the invoice requirements are met:
    1. Invoice is listed as a line item.
    2. Customer site information is included.
    3. Installed equipment model and manufacturer is listed.
    4. A copy of the customer facing TPPA is included.
  2. Pre and post installation photos are reviewed to ensure that the following meets the information submitted on the application:
    1. Previous WH/HVAC fuel type.
    2. Installed manufacturer/model/serial number.
    3. HPWH and TMV* installed at the same time.  
  3. Permit numbers are spot checked to confirm they are valid
    1. The application review team will conduct regular reviews of permits pulled to ensure they are being closed but are not requiring permits to be closed at time of application submission.

The following additional QA/QC are included for HVAC installations:

  1. The submitted CF-3R matches the information submitted on the application.
  2. Required documentation is available to prove that the Enhanced measures submitted are valid:
    1. Manual-J calculations submitted.
    2. CF-3R MCH-20-H Duct Leakage report, showing 5% leakage or less.
    3.  ASHRAE 221-2020 Standards form showing CSPr or HSPr is at least 80%

* Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) must be installed on the HPWH for all TECH and Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) claims created on or after June 20, 2022.