To access EMH Trainings:

EMH will offer a three-part series of trainings covering electrification basics, home electrification sales, the house as a system, and building envelope. EMH will also offer several 12-week cohort trainings to contractors aiming to incorporate an electrification focus into their existing business models. Cohort sessions will include the following:

  • Onsite intake and processing of each contractor firm to understand complexities and nuances of individual business, build rapport, and personalize support throughout training.
  • Live coaching sessions offered 3 hours per week for 12 weeks.
  • Approved instructors of EMH may act as guest speaker subject matter experts for portions of sessions as relevant and applicable to topic.
  • Office hours for additional support
  • Recordings following the session and retained in-house for tracking and reporting purposes within 72 hours.

Additionally, field coaching topics will typically include those listed below:

  • A review of business processes, practices, and systems.
  • Recommendations on general business operations.
  • Workflow improvements.
  • Guidance on operations and sales automation, including an overview of commonly used software systems in the contracting space.
  • On-site consultation for one or more installation teams.
  • Individualized support services, including “Ask Me Anything” sessions to address questions or problems the contractors may encounter during implementation of the training materials.
  • On-the-job training for a contractor’s employees to learn alongside EMH’s experienced installation teams.