To access NCI Trainings

  • Airflow Testing and Diagnostics, where attendees will learn to measure static pressure and estimate airflow on an existing furnace, the first step to assessing what will be needed for a successful heat pump retrofit. Airflow Testing and Diagnostics is a non-certification course. Successful completion of the course is a prerequisite to Refrigerant-Side Performance.

  • Refrigerant-Side Performance will prepare contractors to consider the refrigerants within the system as they move from a furnace to a heat pump and will also teach contractors to verify refrigerant charge and refrigeration cycle performance for all types of systems including heat pumps. This course is a certification course, and students must pass an exam to achieve certification. Certification in Refrigerant-Side Performance is a prerequisite to Residential System Performance and Electrification.

  • Residential System Performance and Electrification builds on the concepts taught in the previous two courses and teaches students to diagnose specific duct system deficiencies in existing furnace systems. This course covers duct renovations and repairs that will allow a replacement heat pump to function as intended. Students are taught to measure total system performance to verify performance of the heat pump system. In the final day of the course the complete picture of the path to electrification will be covered, putting the student in the position to recognize and capitalize on opportunities to retrofit existing furnaces with new high efficiency heat pumps for their customers. This is a certification course.

Initially, courses will be delivered in a live, online webinar format. As COVID-related restrictions on in-person training ease, courses will primarily be delivered in person (live online training will be available if warranted by logistical or other circumstances). As an alternative to live online or in-person completion of Airflow Testing and Diagnostics, students may elect to complete this course in an online, on-demand, self-directed format. Students can complete the training from any location and at their own pace.

Additionally, NCI will offer field coaching to program participants who have attended at least one of NCI’s TECH initiative training contractor courses. Field coaches will work with contractors on a one-on-one or small group basis and be used to give job training and guidance to enhance contractors’ business models through performance-based contracting.