TECH Clean California will offer trainings to equip contractor firms with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to install, service, and maintain these technologies as well as the strategies and resources to integrate electrification into their existing business models. These opportunities are offered at little-to-no cost and are not a requirement to participate in the initiative, but strongly recommended.

Multifamily and Low Income Project Trainings

Additional Support: To provide additional support and resources to contractor firms specializing in multifamily and low-income projects, TECH Clean California initiative will offer the following organizations’ services:

  • Association for Energy Affordability (AEA): Multifamily
    • Customized electrification trainings for multifamily retrofit industry stakeholders.
    • Online multifamily reference library.
  • The Ortiz Group: Low-income and Disadvantaged Communities
    • Licensing and electrification measure installation trainings for ESA and HUBZone contractors.
    • Train-the-trainer model for training contractors to have an in-house, on-demand “center of excellence” for the onboarding of new employees.

TECH Contractor Training Bonus

On May 17 we announced that contractor training bonuses have currently been discontinued as incentive funds have been depleted. We will advise if we are able to restart these bonuses. These incentives were developed to reward those who supported the rapid growth of the program. We would like to thank everyone for your strong participation.

Change Log: 

7/29/22  Updated to state that training bonuses have been discontinued for the time being.