Multifamily projects will require a two-step process where contractors must apply to reserve incentives before installation takes place. Generally, properties with five or more dwelling units are considered a multifamily project. Incentives are capped at $3 million per contractor or property owner. A waitlist will be created whenever an IOU budget is fully reserved and/or when a Contractor or Owner exceeds their $3M cap. Specific waitlist policies and procedures can be found in the TECH MF Reservation Waitlist Process.

To reserve incentives, contractors and property owners will be required to submit a Multifamily Incentive Reservation Form5 prior to submitting an incentive application on Iris. The reservation form outlines the assumptions used to quantify incentive amounts, including general equipment types, quantities, minimum program requirements, reservation terms and conditions, and reservation expiration dates. 

Once the form is completed and signed by the contractor and property owner, a formal approval notice will be issued to the contractor and property owner.

Once the reservation is approved, the work must be completed 12 months from the date of reservation approval. If complexities of the project require more time, the Multifamily Property Owner or Participating Trade Professional must notify with a proposed schedule and request an extension. 

After completing the installation, the contractor will apply for and claim the incentives via Iris. The final incentive amounts and associated approvals will be based on as-installed quantities and equipment types; nonconformance with program or reservation requirements may result in unapproved or reduced incentive application/claim. The contractor shall complete the application submission process no later than 90 days after the installation is complete.

Reservation form located at