Application data fields included on multifamily project applications include:

Multifamily Property Information

  • Multifamily property name*
  • Multifamily property address*
  • Multifamily property owner company*
  • Multifamily property owner primary contact name*
  • Multifamily property owner primary contact phone number*
  • Multifamily property owner primary contact email*
  • Deed restricted affordable housing (Y/N)
  • Heat Pump Equipment Information (multiple entries if more than one type of equipment type installed)
  • Manufacturer*
  • Model*
  • Serial Numbers*
  • Previous equipment information
  • As-built design drawings listing full schedule of equipment for central HPWH systems and multi-apartment HVAC systems*

Equipment Load Sizing Documentation for HP HVAC systems*

Installation Details

  • Location descriptions where each equipment type was installed (apartment number(s), common area location(s), or central system location(s)*
  • Invoice amount (itemized by equipment type if multiple incentivized heat pump system types installed on the project)
  •  Permit required (Y/N)
    • If Yes – Provide permit number (There may be one permit number for an entire project)
  • If HPWH, TMV installed (Y/N)*
  • Electrical panel capacity (associated with each installed heat pump equipment type)
  • Panel upgrade required (Y/N)*
    • If Yes: Enter information on panel upgrade (Free-form entry)
  • Grid connected at time of equipment installation (Y/N)
  • Other building infrastructure upgrades associated with installation (free-form entry)
  • Number of bedrooms, bathrooms, half-bedrooms, and half-bathrooms served per HPWH equipment type

Photos (all required*)

  • Old Water Heater
  • Newly Installed HPWH, showing the nameplate
  • A close-up photo of the installed TMV**
  • A zoomed-out photo of the installed HPWH with the TMV**
  • Electric Panel

*Denotes required field

** Thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs) must be installed on the HPWH for all TECH and Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) claims created on or after June 20, 2022.