If the project is within a territory that qualifies for Enhanced incentives, there is a different application process that involves an Excel-based application upload. Contractors must be enrolled as a participating contractor in the partner program to receive incentives. 

For projects that fall into this category (ex: BayREN Home+, PG&E Comfortable Home Rebates, SMUD, etc.), contractors will first apply on the local program’s application portal. The project will be reviewed and paid by the local program separately and the project data is sent to the TECH team via a secure data transfer. 

The TECH team will then convert the project data into an Excel-based application and a secure link to download the file will be e-mailed to the contractor. Once the contractor receives the file, the contractor must upload it to Iris. Claims will automatically be generated and submitted once the file has been uploaded.

Note: Some transfers may not include all required data. In this case, the needed fields will be highlighted for ease of reference. The contractor needs to fill in the required information prior to submitting the Excel file.

Steps to upload an Excel application:

  1. Login at www.catechincentives.com.
  2. Click on “Claims” and then “Upload” on the left navigation bar.

  3. Select Program
    1. HVAC Claims: TECH Clean California- Heat Pump HVAC.
    2. HPWH Claims: TECH Clean California- Heat Pump Water Heaters.
  4.  Click “Select File” and select the required file.
  5.  Click “Upload.”

At this point, the contractor will either receive a green status bar indicating the claim was accepted or a yellow status bar indicating that an error occurred. 

Contractors who receive an error should send the file link to TECH.incentives@energy-solution.com and we will identify and resolve the issue.