Applications are completed through Iris, a paperless online system, hosted at

Applications and relevant supporting documents must be submitted online, and no paper mail or faxed documents will be accepted. The incentive rate for each project will be determined based on the then-current rate when the application is approved by the application processing team. 

Current processing timeline is four to six weeks, but we are intently focused on speeding up processing to take no more than 2 weeks. 

The application process will differ, depending on whether the building is single-family or multifamily.

Please take care to confirm that all information included in the incentive application is true and valid. Discovery of intentionally falsified information is considered grounds for potential suspension or termination from the program

Overview of the Iris Dashboard

Once logged in, you can:

  • Submit a new claim 
  • View of a list of previously submitted claims
  • Upload an Excel claim list from a program partner
  • View payment details

Do you have a flag? 

Status flags are a great way to understand where your projects are in the system. 

If you are concerned about a yellow "Processing Hold" flag on your claim, please rest assured that there is no action needed on your part - a flag is assigned to every submitted claim and will remain until the claim has been reviewed and is ready to be paid. If you see a red "Pending User Input" flag, this means corrections are needed. If you see a red "Program is on hold", this means the application was submitted after budget was exhausted. Processors will then refer to the app Created date to determine eligibility.