Please note the requirements for all customer-facing invoices for projects for which a contractor is receiving TECH incentives, as it is listed in the TECH Trade Professional Participation Agreement:

  • Site address
  • Equipment information, including manufacturer and model number of installed equipment.
  • Total cost pre-incentive
  • Incentive amount

TECH incentive listed as a line item either directly reducing the cost (recommended) or specified to be supplied to the customer after received by participating contractor. 

The incentive must be passed down 100% from contractor to the consumer. It can either be passed along as either an instant discount deducted from the total project cost at time of customer payment or provided to the customer in the form of a check or other payment method after the contractor receives the incentive. 

In either case, the incentive must be listed as a line item on the invoice and be paid to the customer– the application processing team always checks for this. We recommend the instant pass through option from the customer experience standpoint. 

Customer Agreement 

Along with the invoice, please include a photo showing the customer agreement  (Exhibit B of the TECH TPPA) as attached to the customer's invoice. The preferred option is to have the TECH Exhibit B embedded directly within the contractor’s existing T&Cs agreement.